Hello I’m D’Arcy,

I’ve recently graduated from UWE with a strong background for programming and desgin of games. I’m mostly familiar with Unity and Unreal for programming and 3DS Max/Maya for modelling.

— Games —


A 2D platformer inspired from 2010 flash games.

Kachiku 64

A 64 player Bomberman-esque game with compounding game mechanics. This was continued development on the IP from PlayWest.

turtle man

A maze runner, where you collect eggs before they hatch into demonic turtles.

car run

An infinite runner where you gain score by dodging crazy truck drivers and flying off ramps.


Overcooked, but made in the style of an Atari2600 game.

Unity adventure

An action/adventure game where you solve puzzles and fights slimes to liberate the kingdom.

The Arcade

A collection of prototyped arcade games based around the 3-life system.


3D time attack racer.

— Animation —


A parody trailer of Amazon but set 10 – 15 years in the future using motion capture animation.