Car Run

This project was a quick 2-day protoype to gain some understanding on developing for mobile platforms and learning some optimisaztion methods such as asset compression and level of detail for visual assets.

The game itself is a basic infinite runner where the player has to dodge an onslaught of busy lorry drivers while maintaining their fuel and scoring points.

The game be downloaded for Android, here.

Unity Adventure

This project was a colaboration of multiple gameplay mechanincs, and we were tasked with making a 3D action-adventure platformer based around the gameplay mechanics made prior in the module.

Additional features were added after such as the cutscenes, boss fight and world exploration. The game is comprised of 2 unique levels, an overworld arena and a boss fight.


As part of a group project, this game is a maze-runner where the player collects eggs before they hatch into man eating turtles.

The cave is procdually generated and connects with prefabricated tiles. The turtles navigate with A* pathfinding based on the nodes for each floor tile.

The theme and idea of the project was given to us from the random game generator site and we were given: “A game where you banish turtles from the darkest of caves”.

The game can be downloaded for PC, here.

Circuit Breaker

The theme of the game jam was Transition and as a two-man team, we decided to create a rail movement game where the player jumps between lines to reach towers to restore the transmission strength.

The idea spanned from how circuit boards deliver a transmission within a PC, and how the signal would need boosting the further it travels.

This is one of the few projects that are made in Unreal Engine 4 but is mostly coded through the Blueprint visual coding style.