Pharmaceutical Pannic

This is an information-based card game, that is based on the theme of vaccination, developed in the style of games such as Guess Who? and Cluedo where there are many different styles of play to win.

Each player is given a symptom they must cure with one of the remedies listed on the card. Each round, one player is infected, and their symptom must be cured fully by all players. If a player fails to cure the infected, they then get that symptom for the following round and lose a point. Each round consists of 8 turns where players can either pick an item card or ask a yes/no question to another player, but that information is then public. Players gain points based on how many people they cure each round and can limit other players by trying to withhold information based on their buying habits.

The game itself had many iterative design choices such as the core gameplay, the balancing of difficulty and enabling 4 and 2 player mechanics.