Blackout was a Digital Media 3rd year cross module, and we were tasked with creating a piece of visual media that represents an advert for a fictional company set 10 – 15 years in the future.

We decided to create Blackout, a company that sells anything and everything as a parody of a black-market Amazon by normalising illegal items.

From a technical aspect, this project was made within Source Filmmaker (SFM) and uses the Kinect for Xbox 360 as a method of motion capture to reduce the necessity of keyframe animations since our group was comprised of gameplay programmers.

For my part of the project, I handled the technical development, implementation and staging of all the visual elements within SFM. This includes, the research and implementation of the Kinect as a motion capture tool, set design, staging motion for both actors and props, camera work, lighting control, shot composition and leading mocap sessions.

Videos that show the technical milestones and test footage can all be found here.