Task Manager

Task Manager was created for the Global Games Jam in 2020 with the theme of Repair. With a team of 3, we made an objective based twin-stick shooter, about defending your RAM during an update. For this I mostly handled the objective management system, where the player must either defend the point from a distanceContinue reading “Task Manager”


Shape is a 2D platformer, based on puzzle platformer flash games from the 2010’s such as Fancy Pants Adventure and This Is The Only Level. Since I was struggling to fully complete a game project, I decided to push for this one to be a complete game and to then publish it online. Through workingContinue reading “Shape”

Space Station Escape

This was an assignment project utilising the Unreal Engine 4 along with its Blueprint visual coding. The set requirement were that: the level must take at least 2 minutes to complete, have basic interactions such as opening doors, physics based puzzles, platforming, use a gravity-gun (inspired by Half-Life 2) and be set on a spaceContinue reading “Space Station Escape”

Car Run

This project was a quick 2-day protoype to gain some understanding with developing for mobile platforms and learning some optimisaztion methods such as asset compression, object pooling and level of detail for visual assets. The game itself is a infinite runner where the player has to dodge an onslaught of busy lorry drivers while maintainingContinue reading “Car Run”


Blackout was a Digital Media 3rd year cross module, and we were tasked with creating a piece of visual media that represents an advert for a fictional company set 10 – 15 years in the future. We decided to create Blackout, a company that sells anything and everything as a parody of a black-market AmazonContinue reading “Blackout”

Left 4 Trash

A 4-player cooperative adventure game designed around an existing IP.

Unity Adventure

This project was a collaboration of multiple gameplay mechanics, and we were tasked with making a 3D action-adventure platformer based around the gameplay mechanics made prior in the module. Additional features were added after such as the cutscenes, boss fight and world exploration. The game is comprised of 2 unique levels, an overworld arena andContinue reading “Unity Adventure”


This was a team project where we were tasked with demaking a game in the style of the Atari This was a team project where we were tasked with de-making a game in the style of the Atari 2600, and the game we de-made was Overcooked. It features single and multiplayer modes and has manyContinue reading “Undercooked”


As part of a group project, this game is a maze-runner where the player collects eggs before they hatch into man eating turtles. ThThe cave is procedurally generated and connects with prefabricated tiles. The turtles navigate with A* pathfinding based on the nodes for each floor tile. The theme and idea of the project wasContinue reading “Turtleman”


As the continuous development team on this product, I was part of the group that handled the implementation and changes made to the existing power up systems. Many changes were made to keep the balance fair, while making the core loop engaging and enjoyable. While working in the large team, I helped handled the designContinue reading “Kachiku64”